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Vice President

Kevin Donato

Vice President, Owner

Kevin Donato is the vice president of Apple Printing & Advertising Specialties. This is a third-generation printing and advertising specialties company that was established by his grandfather in 1973. He and his brother, Sean, have been partners in the company since 2002 after their father Albert retired.

With vivid memories of the smell of printing inks, Kevin can recall going to his grandfather’s shop as a young kid and helping collate projects that he had in the back room. At the time, Kevin didn’t know he would pick this as a career.

During and after high school, Kevin worked part time for his father at Apple Printing. When he graduated college in 1991, he was graciously given an opportunity to become an equal partner with his father and brother. The decision made at that moment in his life this was the best option.

Kevin was taught how to run all five presses and every piece of bindery equipment in the shop. His father’s belief was that if you are going to be successful in the printing industry you will need to know how to do everything involved in the business. This training continues to be one of Kevin’s greatest assets to his company today, making him a stronger and more confident business owner.

Since becoming a partner, Kevin has seen many changes in the industry, including from traditional offset printing to digital printing.

Kevin’s key to success is to work hard every day, be honest and own your mistakes.

Kevin presently resides in Coral Spring with his wife, Cheryl, and two daughters, Emily and Hannah. Some of his hobbies are boating, fishing and diving for lobster in the Florida Keys, or just spending some quality family time together.

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